This is Me

Stop Letting Other People Define You, Be Yourself and Be Proud of It

After 26 years on this Earth I have decided to start a blog. Deciding to do this was odd for me because I don’t know that anyone will read this but who cares, I think this will be a cathartic exercise for me to stop holding so many of my feelings inside my head.

Mostly I plan to blog about things that I am dealing with, good and bad and I plan to share about my passions and other aspects of my life. So for anyone who already knows me there should be a good bit about musical theater in here because that is a HUGE part of my life. There will also most likely be quite a bit about Luna (my dog) because she is basically the best thing about this life of mine.

Hopefully I will enjoy this and it will help me process events and also give me something fun to do!

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